Jesse Payne
Me in San Francisco in February 2023


Hi, I'm Jesse.

Product Designer with over 10 years experience. Specialising in creating intuitive digital end-to-end product experiences and interfaces, that are designed inclusively, driven by research and data, solve user problems, and meet business goals.

My career journey

Senior Product Designer, Progression

Jul 2022Present

Leading design on several significant new product enhancements, including nav redesign, home feed, and feedback features. Improving IA and existing functionality, such as wins, framework builder, and AI skill generator, improving their usage by over 200% week-on-week.

Working in cross-functional teams (2–3 engineer + 1 designer + 1 product manager pods), speaking to users – reviewing customer support requests, customer success and sales calls – to better understand user needs and pain points.
Key member of the Product Leads group who discuss and align on product strategy, direction and ways of working.

Design Mentor, ADPList

Nov 2022Present

Mentoring over 20 designers, that were either looking to break into the industry or looking to progress in their careers. Gaining incredible experience, developing my management skills in: active listening, helping others to navigate difficult situations, generating actionable items from each 1:1, and giving direct feedback.

ODD #3 Fellow, OnDeck

Jan 2022Present

Joining to learn and meet other experienced designers who want to accelerate their careers and become stronger ICs and confident leaders.

Taking part in fireside chats with industry leaders and experts, chatting with like-minded people in "mastermind“ groups, and jumping into to conversations about career and personal development in the community Slack channel.

Founding Senior Product Designer (Hire #3), PetsApp

Feb 2020Jun 2022

Joining as hire #3, playing a pivotal role in scaling the product from launch to serving 200+ customers and 250,000+ users. Leading design across the entire product — refining chat and video calling features, and designing intricate dashboards for admins and finance teams.

Regularly engaging with customers, conducting interviews, handling customer support queries, and joining customer success calls. Using those insights and data to inform product strategy and design. Playing an active role in assessing, interviewing and hiring a Marketing Designer.
Also, contributed as a front-end developer, creating layouts and reusable components for both web and native apps in React — as well as building the marketing site.

UX/UI Mentor, Black Valley

Oct 2021Dec 2021

I joined the Black Valley mentoring program, to help aspiring Black designers gain experience and enter the workforce. To help build a more diverse, inclusive and equitable future in tech and design. I held weekly sessions with my mentee, focused around understanding her current experience, short and long term goals. Each week we discussed a piece of current work or task I set, and how she was progressing. We also spoke about intervewing and standing out in the job market, so she could move closer to securing her first UX role — which she achieved a few months after our last session!

Senior Product Designer, Huma (Medopad)

July 2019Feb 2020

Developing the foundations of a design system for the web app and native app —. As well as incorporating the new brand as it was developed by Studio Koto.

Improving and establish new processes for collaborating with engineering, product, clinical and commercial teams. By introducing design documentation (using BDD format), design reviews (which we called a "design roast“) and helping introduce cross-functional 2-week dual-track agile sprints.
Producing complex prototypes with complex logic, including state, using ProtoPie — for usability testing as well as external presentations to existing and potential partners, like Tencent and Apple.

React, Redux and GraphQL Bootcamp, React GraphQL Academy

Jan 2019Mar 2019

Understand the core principles and libraries of the React ecosystem react, react-router, styled-components, styled-system, storybook, redux, react-redux, graphql, react-apollo. Develop and test complex and reliable React applications usoing enzyme and jest. Comprehending modern front-end JavaScript (ECMAScript 2018). Understanding the best practices and patterns for building real-world production-ready React applications. Understand how to use GraphQL on the client-side to improve your React apps development and performance.

Founding Senior Product Designer (Hire #2), Personably

Jul 2018Jul 2019

Joining as hire number two and the only Product Designer. Feeling passionately about the mission to fix the process of getting up to speed and fully productive as quick as possible when joining a new company.

Working and contributing to product design and strategy — creating user flows, service maps, feature proposals, and user research summaries. Also, by running design reviews and creating design/product documentation for the team to collaborate on. As well as being part of weekly product planning and weekly company syncs.
I redesigned and updated the logo and branding — across our product, webstie and social channels. After completing a React, Javascript and GraphQL course, I contributed as a front-end developer on a number of projects.
Always seeking and listening to feedback from current and potential customers, like Monzo and Carwow, as well as learning from current behaviours and data using Fullstory, Userbrain and Google Analytics.

UX Architect, ASOS

Nov 2016Jun 2019

Part of a 15+ person design team, leading design on the homepage and marketing pages, across web and native apps — and leading an accessibility audit.

Improving and implementing design processes — introducing cross-functional design critiques and team-wide design reviews to align on patterns and components. Running extensive qualitative and quantitative research, gathering usage data, sharing insights, and collaborating with senior stakeholders. Regularly presented at product all-hands, and delivered an Inclusive Design presentation at ASOS Academy. Building and strengthening internal relationships, improving collaboration and alignment.

UX Designer, ITV (ITV Hub)

Jan 2016Nov 2016

Delivering innovative user-centered design solutions, ensuring quality and usability for the broad ITV audience — from young Love Island lovers, to older Corrie loyalists. Contributing to strategy and vision across the full range of platforms, with a focus on web.

Playing a key role in defining the ITV Hub+ on-site and in-app sign-up and upsell experience. As well as leading on, maintaing and iterating on the web ( experience, and creating fixed series pages for shows, creating a strong SEO presence for our shows.

UX Designer, LateRooms

Apr 2015Dec 2015

Collaborating with web, iOS, Android and customer support teams in an Agile environment to create better experiences both online and offline. Conducting usability testing, user interviews, to gain insights to feed into the design and development process. Leading and contributing to projects, across different channels and platforms — including iterating on the homepage search-focused experience, new hotel details view for web and native apps.

Graphic Designer, HAVAS Lynx

Jun 2013Apr 2015

Part of the Studio team, producing design work for national and international clients, especially in the pharmaceutical industry — personally working on projects for AstraZeneca, Janssen and TfGM.

Providing solutions on a variety of projects across print mediums and digital platforms. Including print advertisements that featured in Manchester City Centre, posters, booklets, branding and identity design, storyboards and assets for short animations.
As well as producing rapid prototypes for clients who want to reach and support users and sales through smartphones and tablets. Creating anything from simple flows created with Marvel, to more functional prototypes created using Axure and Pixate.

Design Mentor, Ideas Foundation

May 2012Jun 2012

Fortnightly mentoring position helping Manchester Creative & Media Academy students develop design skills in response to a brief outlined by McCann Manchester to produce a creative online magazine, designed and run by students.

BA Graphic Design, Manchester School of Art (MMU)

Sep 2010Jun 2015

Ideas-driven studio-based course where a variety of approaches to visual communication were explored. Working on personal and industry-related projects, focusing on contemporary and relevant design. Connecting with industry, through workshops run by visiting speakers such as Ian Anderson, Co-founder of Designers Republic and Anthony Burrill — as well as "live“ briefs and work experience.

Outside of work

I'm usually out eating or exploring in London. I love to read, cook, watch cheesy action films and play video games, with a leaning towards single player open world adventure games — I'm currently playing my way through Jedi Survivor on PS5.

Me in a San Franciso suburb, with Sutro Tower in the background.

I also love to travel, and have been lucky enough to visit 17 countries — I always have a list of at least 3 places I want to see next. I'm a big football fan, supporting (my local team) Crystal Palace. I used to play a lot before university, but since then I mostly stick to playing 5-a-side when I can. When I lived in Manchester, I loved exploring the city on my fixie. But, I'm currently between bikes.

An aerial shot of the waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes, Croatia.