Jesse Payne


How I can help your team, business or startup go from zero to one.

I love to help…

Design and build digital product experiences, or improve existing ones

Using research to ensure user-centric solutions that help solve user problems

Own problems, and speak to users to understand those problems

Work with teams to define what success would like for those users, helping teams to be outcome orientated for the user and business.

Use processes to help level up team growth, productivity and autonomy

Each team is full of individuals that need different conditions to produce their best work. Applying design thinking to collaboration enables us to iterate towards optimised growth, productivity, autonomy, and team happiness.

How I do that…

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Research and planning

  • User interviews and usability testing — helping you to understand the people using your product
  • Defining and validating value propositions and customer segments
  • Writing proposals and product requirement documents
  • Defining measures of success — e.g. KPIs, North Star Metrics
  • Defining “ah-ha” moments or time-to-value metrics — helping track activation and retention
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  • User journey maps and service blueprints
  • Wireframes and priority guides
  • Native mobile apps
  • Web apps
  • Marketing sites
  • Prototypes — native and web
  • Design systems (design and front-end)
  • Copywriting
  • Graphics for social media, app store and press packs
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Frontend development

  • Initial web app or static site setup
  • Webapps using React, TypeScript, Javascript
  • NextJS and Gatsby for static sites
  • Responsive and adaptive layouts using semantic html
  • Styling using css or styled-components
  • Hosting and deployment setup
  • Tracking and analytics setup using Amplitude, Plausible or Fathom
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Other services

  • Establishing and growing design teams
  • Internal presentations and documentation
  • Pitch deck content and design
  • Mentorship — helping young and junior designers grow
  • Advice for improving accessibility — including AA and AAA WCAG compliance
  • Improving team processess — e.g. introducing user research, planning, priortisation, dual-track agile, kanban, design reviews and crits
  • Improving onboarding, collaboration and tooling (team software)